Print Queue and Automated Print Cycle

  • Hello,

    I was starting a tread about this before I’ve got the board. I think it should be here because the functionality is there, but without interface. Ideally, it should works similar to normal 2d printer print queue ... choose printer and then drag & drop add, change order, start/pause, remove, save/modify print collections, etc.

    Basically, Automated print cycle works like this:
    1.) Heat the bed and print as usual.
    2.) Wait for the heated bed to cool down.
    3.) Auto eject, scrape the part using gantry or some designed part ( it’s works for small and simple object .. some system might push and replace a new tray or some already go further and use cheap open-source robotic arm successfully)
    4.) Clean nozzle.
    5.) Sending notification/photos to user (using plugin like duet telegram)
    5.) Start the new part in print queue/folder (would be nice if user can choose auto, manual confirmation)

    This would save a lot of sleep time and make most use of 3d printers. Also, it will make Duet really shine and show this powerful capability and become a very good open-source option for business.


    Example from AstroPrint Print Queue Feature

    Here is the original tread

    Thanks 🤗

  • administrators

    If a single UI instance with a print queue is controlling multiple printers, that UI needs to reside somewhere. Although I think it could be done in a browser, I think it makes more sense to do it as a program running on a PC or on a RPi or similar. It can use HTTP commands to send files for printing and monitor the status in exactly the same way that Duet Web Control does.

    So the question is, who is going to write that program? I don't have time to write it, because I am too busy developing and supporting hardware and firmware.

  • Hey,

    would it be possible to start a print from the SD-Card with a macro/script that ist called at the end of a print?

    We can already uploade/delete Gcode-files on the SD even when a print is already running.
    So basically we need a macro that starts the next G-Code file in the SD-folder until all prints are finished.

    I have build a belt printer and this is a feature that would realy unlock the full potential of this kind of printer.

    Best ragards,

  • @maxgyver I think this can already be accomplished through macros and M32

  • administrators

    A macro that is not called from a SD card print can start a print (that's how resurrect.g works). But if the macro is called from a SD card print, it can't start another one, because a print is already in progress.

  • @dc42 What if at the end of the print a macro is called which attempts to start another print?


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