How tough is TPU?

  • I needed a pad to fit my car for my new floor jack, so I printed it using TPU filament.

    alt text

    Then I tested it by lifting the car with the jack:



  • Nice job! You said you used 40% infill - what pattern?

    Cura has a new 3D pattern called Gyroid which would be perfect for this task ..

  • I used 40% triangle infill. I'm printing another pad for my wife's BMW and I bumped the infill up to 50%.

    I'm not impressed by honeycomb or gyroid. Actually, I shouldn't say that. They are impressive to look at, and I'm sure they were quite challenging for the programmers who created them, but I don't find either very practical. If you want strong infill that prints fast, the grid and triangles patterns are the way to go. Both are composed of long, straight lines that print fast and don't shake the machine apart while they're printing.

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