Feature request: auto-sleep enable on panel due

  • Hi there!

    the DWC has a nice feature to enable auto-sleep to call M1 after the current job is finished. However, as I understand this only works when the webpage stays open on a PC/tablet. Is it possible to add this checkbox to the panel due?

    This way we could just tick it and walk away and the printer will turn off it self cause of what we put into sleep.g.

    I know its also possible to use an M1 at the end of the gcode, but I dont want to always call sleep.g.

    Im curious of what would be possible!

  • administrators

    If you always want the printer to sleep after completing a job, you can put code in your slicer end GCode or in stop.g to do that. You can have it bring up a dialog using M291 if you want the option to cancel it.

  • Thanks for your input. I dont want to always do this, only when im printing while I go away and the printer needs to shut itself off after.

    As I understand M291, I can use a counter that needs a "cancel" input before it will call stop.g? if so, I will try this method.

    Is there a way I can still get the checkbox on a feature request list or something?


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