Z probe variable speed and multiple probes

  • So I have a large corexy style printer and I'm using the IR probe. My g-code is set up so when a print starts, the bed homes at 10mm/s, then each leadscrew point on the bed is probed (4 leadscrews) adjustments are made, then the printer is homed again.

    Essentially what I want is for the bed to home at 10mm/s, and then back off 5-10mm, and home again at 2mm/s. Then, the bed tramming routine is run, and I would like it to probe each point X number of times at Y mm/s and take the average. Then, I want it to home again, at 10mm/s then back off 5-10mm and home again at 2mm/s. Is this possible? Do I need to make a custom script to do this?

    I've looked around online and all I've seen is editing the f parameter in the m558 command, but that changes the speed for all z probe and home moves.

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    You can insert the M558 F and A command into your macros right before the probing moves to alter how that specific probe behaves.

    M558 A1 F400			; Set single probing at faster feed rate
    G30 				; Do a single probe to home our Z axis
    M98 P"ZSpeedsSlow.g"		; Set lower speeds for homing
    M558 A10 F100			; Set multi probing at slower feed rate
    G30				; Probe again to get a more accurate position

    The backoff distance will be the dive height value of M558 for probing moves.

  • @phaedrux Might I respectfully suggest that when changing values in homing files from what is configured in config.g, it's generally best practice to put those values back to their configuration values at the end of the homing file. Leaving the probing feed rate at the lower setting probably doesn't matter in the above case but forgetting to restore something like motor currents could be a bit more of a problem. So restoring everything back to configured values is a good habit to get into.

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