Can you judge this print?

  • I am trying to improve my D-bot printer changing Z axis ( not sure as today which path to take ) and bed change from 4 to 3 point of regulation. ( already bought a cast aluminium pei covered bed with 220v heating element)

    Can you tell me if i can improve my print quality working on Z axis by this photo? from real it seems a lot better but using close up and incident light highlight defects PETG print

    4_1556398973221_5 (Piccola).jpg 3_1556398973221_4 (Piccola).jpg 2_1556398973221_3 (Piccola).jpg 1_1556398973221_2 (Piccola).jpg 0_1556398973220_1 (Piccola).jpg

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    Top layer seems over extruded, but the overall appearance looks good. The layers in the bias lighting shot look rough, but that's always going to be a tricky thing to fix. Good luck with the z axis update.

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