Duet2 Wifi does not remember Z height

  • Hello everybody,
    i hope the translator does his job well, my english is not that good.

    I have now installed a Duet2 Wifi in my Predator (Delta). On my printer, I use a level sensor (push button) which also works and after the bed sample is removed.

    I first determined Z Zero. Then mount the sensor and run 1 pont probe. The measure 16.255 I have then deposited in the config.g under Z sample. Then I pressed the Auto Delta Calibration. After the process was completed. Did I then run mashcomp, disassembled the sensor and run a pressure. After printing, I made the printer. Later, I started printing directly and the printer starts printing about 5 to 7 mm above the bed.

    So I put the sensor back on and ran G32. Sensor off and pressure started. Finished. Printer off and printer on, printing started. Again he begins to print 5 to 7 mm above the bed.

    Why? I just can not get on, can you help?

    Greetings Marcus

  • you prob forgot to save the result

    Saving the calibration results

  • Hello Veti,
    Thank you for your feedback signal. If I understand that correctly, I'm running the AutoDeltaLeveling and Meshkomp.

    Then I enter M500 to save the new M665 and M666 commands in the config-override.g file.

    At the end of my config.g file, I deposit the M501 command.
    So here's config-override.g so the commands in my config.g file will overwrite.

    Is this correct?

  • yes that is correct.

    or copy the M665 and M666 into your config.g

  • Perfect, I will try it after my work and report the result here 🙂

  • Hi, it worked 🙂 Thank you very much for the help

    greetz marcus

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