Installing BLTouch V2 on Duet WiFi

  • Finally reached the stage where I want to install a BLTouch Smart V2 and I wondered if you guys would cast your eyes over the attached pictures to make sure I’m not doing anything stupid.

    Also, in the RRF config tool it says “Make sure you change it to use +3.3V instead of +5V before you connect it or you risk damaging your board!”

    However on the page which it links to it says “The Z probe input on the Duet 2 Maestro and Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet rev 1.04 and later is 30V tolerant, so it doesn't matter whether you reduce the output of the BLTouch to 3.3V or leave it at 5V.”

    Which is correct??

    Any other comments appreciated before I throw the switch!!!
    0_1557655296809_BLTouch.jpg 0_1557655316090_BLTouch2.jpg

  • the 3.3V operation is necessary for duet 1.03 and below.

    1.04 and maestro is fine with 5v

  • @brian_k Looks good, though I would warn you, if all lights don't come on right away and it seems that 12v lights up but 3.3 and 5 are off or dim, turn it off right away. I would switch the expansion port connectors to a 8 pin for better stability on the pins.
    alt text

  • Thanks, that's the reason I'm being cautious, 5v rail disintegrated last time (warranty replacement).

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