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  • Hello all,

    After two plus weeks of smooth sailing, I went to turn on the printer, login and I got the web connection error. I found a forum post that suggested a bunch copying and renaming files on the sd card and I fear that I have right hosed the install. Is there a file floating out there that I can flash to a clean SD card and start over? I've backed up all of my config files, but right now the sd card is a hot mess.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    There's nothing to flash to the SD card itself. It just holds the config files, macros, and gcode files. The firmware itself gets flashed to the board and only stays on the SD card as a backup.

    If you want to start fresh with the card here's what I suggest.

    Format the card using this tool:

    Then create the following folders


    Place your backed up config files into sys.
    Hopefully you backed up any custom macros too, they go into macros
    Then download the latest DWC files you want to use and extract the zip file into the www folder.

    That should get you up and running.

  • Thanks! Worked like a charm!

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