Anybody managed to have Cyberduck FTP working with DWF?

  • Cyberduck is a mature FTP client but I am having problems making it working with DWF.

    It is configured to use a single connection and passive mode I am able to connect and see the file list but when I try to download a file I get this error



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    I have the same problem. From looking at the WireShark trace, it appears that it is trying to open a second connection to port 21 despite the setting. I tried both "Use browser connection" and "Open single connection".

  • I filed a bug with cyberduck. It seems to be under active development so will see what happens.

  • @dc42, Cyberduck's developer says that this change should fix the bug . It was done after the latest stable release was cut. Should be available in nightly builds (can be selected via Preferences | Update) but I could not make that version to work, even simple browsing of Duet3d was broken for me.

    Hopefully it will work in the next stable release.

  • I just upgraded to Cyberduck 7.01 for Mac and am able to connect and download files from Duet3d.

    Setting is anonymous login, use browser's connection, passive.

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