Pre 1.04 Duet 2 boards with BLTouch V3

  • I'm doing the finishing touches on the config.g files and all that for my BLTouch, and i just out of curiosity. Wouldn't it be smart to add "M280 Px S150" to the deployprobe.g AND in the config.g if were going to run with open drain / 3.3V logic, just to make sure we don't fry anything? Or could this potentionally mess something up?

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    Yes you could do that. In fact, probably should do that.

  • Yeah i ended up doing it to both config.g and deployprobe.g. It's a couple things in the dozuk regarding BLTouch connection and configuration that should be redone. Or now that so much have happened in both firmware, it should be writen all over again with the new "standards".

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    I've got a v3 bltouch on hand to test with so I'll do just that.

    What specifically do you see requiring changes?

  • @phaedrux

    Like mentioning to add in "M280 Px S150" if running on 3.3V for added safety, maybe mention adding a pullup resistor between Z-probe in and 3.3V on the Z-probe connector. Just generally make it more readable. I don't know how many times i read it back and twards before getting it (might be because i'm not a native English speaker to ofc.) But it could be made much easier to read for a newb.

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