I think my 2nd extruder driver is fried.

  • Hello, I was instructed by Tim from Filastruder and Tony from Duet3D to post here.

    My Duet 2 WiFi has been working fine for a few months now. Today I wanted to add another extruder. I configured it. Turned off the printer. plugged it in. I'm not sure if when I restarted the duet or if I tried to extrude, but I heard this popping noise and a burning smell. After that, I saw "Error: short-to-ground reported by driver(s) 4" on my screen. There is a weird mark on the last stepper driver. I'm almost sure that was a popping noise. The 2nd extruder would not work.

    I came across this post: https://forum.duet3d.com/post/29722

    Is it possible my board can be repaired or replaced?

  • administrators

    Hi viet,

    Please check the wiring between that stepper driver output and the motor carefully for short-circuits. If you are satisfied that the wiring is sound, I approve a replacement or repair under warranty.

  • Hello I carefully checked the wiring between the problematic stepper driver output and the motor for short-circuts. I appreciate your approval for replacement of repair.

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