1.8Beta 3 not unloading mesh

  • I have some testing macros that do long moves. Because mesh leveling breaks up long moves i get stuttering when these moves are tested with high feedrates i.e. move from X0 Y0 using G0 X280 Y190 F10000. Prior to Beta 3 ( i did not test best 2) i could unload the mesh using M561 or G29 S2. In beta 3 this is no longer working.

    Two questions.
    Is unloading the mesh broken in Beta3?
    Are there tips to removing the stuttering for long moves at high speeds so I can leave the mesh loaded?


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    Increasing the allowed Z jerk should reduce the stuttering, if your Z axis can take it. I'll check out M561 and G29 S2.

  • Thanks. My z jerk was a way to low and increasing it cleared up the jerking perfect. Thanks!

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