Why this message???

  • Hi,

    i have moded my printer to linear rails.... and strange console message:

    1- FIRST. Calibration

    Results: G32
    Calibrated 6 factors using 25 points, deviation before 0.169 after 0.020

    Seems very good

    2- SECOND. Compensation

    And... i recive a message by console:

      Warning: the height map has a substantial Z offset. Suggest use Z-probe to establish Z=0 datum, then re-probe the mesh.
    101 points probed, min error -0.005, max error 0.293, mean 0.152, deviation 0.068
     Height map saved to file heightmap.csv"

    0_1561028156657_after LR.jpg

    Maybe adjusts endstops?

  • did you save your g32 calibration results in your config.g?

    also see

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