"Probe points must be in clockwise order" aligning z screws

  • Hi,
    I am converting my CR-20 to dual z leadscrew. The basic setup works, but when I try to follow the wiki instructions for bed leveling using multiple independent z motors, I get an error trying to probe near the z screws to align the motors:

    Error: Probe points P0 to P1 must be in clockwise order starting near minimum X and Y

    So, I must be doing wrong. Any help is welcome (-:

    I am running RRF 2.03

    Here's my config.g and bed.g:

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    The M671 command has not been accepted because you need to specify Y coordinates for the leadscrew positions as well as X coordinates. If you have only 2 leadscrews, one at each end of the X axis, use the centre of the Y axis as the Y coordinate for both.

  • You're absolutely right! I removed the Y values from the example in the wiki and then forgot to add in the real values for this printer ... thanks!

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    BTW sometimes it helps to send M98 Pconfig.g from the GCode console, because then you will see any error messages generated when running config.g.

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