I'm confused about an entry in Dozuki re connecting FSR boards

  • This is the entry I don't know how to interpret:

    " If using JohnSL's trinket board: Connect its Vcc, Output and Ground pins to 3.3V, IN and GND on the Z-probe connector respectively and select mode 5. "

    The 3 pins In the corner (under the rectifier ) of the John FSL board are labelled :

    Signal , -/+ , +/-

    Is Vcc = +/-
    Output = Signal
    Ground = - / +

    Thanks for any help

  • Vcc is normally + and Gnd is normally - but this board features a rectifier on the power input you can connect them any way around, thus the +/- & -/+ notation which can be a bit confusing. But yes, you can connect it as you have laid out.

  • bearer ,

    thank you for the prompt confirmation. I went ahead after receiving your reply and it all works

    In case anybody refers to this thread:

    On JohnSL board Signal pin is connected to Z_Probe_In pin on Duet
    On John SL board +/- pin is connected to +3.3V on Duet
    On JohnSL board -/+ pin is connected to GND on Duet

    and in the config .g file for my delta printer is the following

    M558 P5 X0 Y0 Z0 H5 I1

    P5 and I1 being the important varaiables

    Thanks again

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