M562 - clear fault & can run PID autotune but not simple G10 ?

  • Just had a heater fault:

    14:28:37Error: Heating fault on heater 1, temperature rising much more slowly than the expected 0.3°C/sec


    M562 and M562 P0

    but was unable to set the hotend heating again with a

    G10 P0 S275

    Finally, in order to try something other than restarting, launched a PID autotune for P0 and it is running fine. So in some sense the fault has been cleared.

    Why can't I execute a G10 after a M562 and see the temperature rise again? What should I do?

    Firmware 2.03

  • administrators

    Try re-selecting the tool after clearing the heater fault with M562.

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