XY homing but for Z bed leveling

  • Is this possible? I assume it is, but also wouldn't want to because ramming the nozzle into the bed would be a bad idea.
    I am just curious on people's thoughts and if anyone has done this before. How's your bed look?

  • @bluedust I don't understand the question - or even if it is question.

    The title

    XY homing but for Z bed leveling

    followed by your opening line

    Is this possible?

    Doesn't make any sense to me - maybe I'm just being thick but please explain.

  • Do you mean stall detection for the Z axis?

    Yes, it's possible, but there are many more caveats to successful usage than for X and Y.

    Single motor, no gearing, high steps per mm, rigid print head.


  • Sorry. I was typing in my phone, changed apps and forgot to finish typing my comment...
    Yes I am referring to stall detection.

  • @phaedrux
    Thanks for that link
    I have the mechanical parts to setup 3 x Z steppers to use pullys and not screws for autobed leveling. Just need to print the parts... And busy printing other things.
    From the post you shared, it sounds like it actually worked better then I expected.

  • Yes it worked, but it was also dependent on temperature, so the trigger sensitivity when cold booted was different than after a long print. It led to false positive stalls and the risk of false negatives leading to head crashes was too much.

    BLTouch was far more reliable and it's shortcomings were less of an issue.

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