Voltage Hardware component replacement

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    My oldest duet Wi-Fi has suffered some tough injuries over the years, and looks like quite the Frankenstein board at this point (given the soldered tubular fuse holder I had to rig up after a thermistor short years ago). Among her battle scars from past eras is a blown component, which I assume to be a voltage regulator of some sort. I can't remember the cause that far back, but I never much cared, as everything works great so long as the duet is powered by both usb and 12v (and is entirely dead if just fed by the 12v supply). Recently I've moved this printer into a space where the 7inch panel due flashing all day is quite annoying however. I understand this to be caused by an underpower situation, which I assume is caused by the duet getting it's 5v from the usb with no help from the 12v supply. I could run a second long usb to the due itself, but would greatly prefer not to as it's a rather clean setup as is. What did I blow, and 1) is it fairly easy to replace and 2) are there any magic workarounds (like the aforementioned fused jumper line jutting from the back of my board which restored functionality without any tiny smd rework skills).

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  • have you tried an external 5v supply rather than the usb supply?
    The 5v in header is just above the vin terminal.

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    The blown chip is probably the A4403 buck regulator, the small square chip labelled U3. But as @Veti says, it's probably simpler to provide 5V power either via the Duet USB socket (using a phone charger or similar PSU that can provide more current than your PC or laptop can), or to the PanelDue USB socket, or to the external 5V input on the Duet.

  • Hi, today my U3 Buck burned a hole also.

    Providing 5V to the 5V Input also did not help. (Wifi led is not on).

    BR, Norbert

  • @xxexx said in Voltage Hardware component replacement:

    Hi, today my U3 Buck burned a hole also.

    you'd probably be better of creating a new topic, especially if your board is under warranty and you need the vendor to refrence the forum.

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