Resuming a print after failure

  • So I have had a rather long print going and it just failed, was printing in air for some time.

    I would like to resume this at the layer where it failed, and I know now if I use the pause and resume functions it will only resume where it is now, printing in air.

    I've cancelled the print and moved the effector away (it's a Delta) and turned the heater off for now until I can get home.

    What I'd like to do is move the nozzle down to the last completed layer and record it's height.

    Then edit the gcode to pick up from the next layer, my problem is that the extruder uses relative movements. I've never dealt with that before.

    How might I modify the gcode to pick up at that point?

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    I've resumed a failed print similar to that before.

    I basically measured the height of the printed model and used the gcode preview in the slicer to find the layer where it failed, then used a text editor to find that exact layer in the gcode, copied the rest of the gcode into a new file, and created a custom gcode script that allowed me to heat up the extruder and bed again, set the Z height manually with a G92, and start printing again.

    Relative extruder movements are no issue at all. Absolute extruder moves would be an issue however.

  • So if i've not powered it off, it still knows it's current position. I shouldn't need to do G92 should I? I should just be able to measure the height as you did. Download the gcode from DWC, and strip out everything up to the next layer to be printed. If I manually heat the nozzle and bed, then I should just be able to print that gcode correct?

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    Yes, just make sure you don't have any homing commands at the start of your resume print. Just set the position manually and away you go.

  • Yep, that seems to have done the trick. It's resumed, with no noticeable issues. Thanks.

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