Seemingly dead Board after PC-Upgrade/PSU-Terminal replacement

  • Hey everyone,

    At the moment my Printer seems to be dead, I hope someone will be able to help resolve my Problem.....
    The problem appeared after I upgraded my PC (new mainboard + CPU); a couple of weeks before that I noticed that the PSU-cable loosened and burned the terminal connector, so I replaced it with a new one (rated up to 30A). The printer was working flawlessly after my Terminal-Connector replacement until I changed my hardware.

    Things I noticed:

    • When I reconnect the Power, I get no initial Fan-Speedup
    • Connecting the 3DP to my PC results in an error ("Code 43")
    • Powering it via USB results in the red "3.3V led" and red led between the USB-port and the reset-button to blink 4 times
    • I don't see any obvious burned spots or anything that would suggest a short-Circuit

    Things I already tried:

    • using a different USB-Port
    • reinstalling the PC-drivers
    • using a different USB-cable
    • resetting and erasing the board

    I hope someone is able to help me.

    Thanks in advance

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