Relation between delta towers and slicer X and Y axis

  • Hi,

    i d'like to know what relation there are between position of a towers in a delta printer, a axis of slicer, a cartesian system, and the correct socket where i have to connect steppers....

    01 - What its the correct conexion of towers motors. Clockwise X-->Y-->Z, or anti clockwise X<--Y<--Z?

    02- What its relation between slicer cartesian, and towers. X axis of slicer, point to a tower? X Delta tower or other tower? or X axis of slicer point between Delta towers? X axis of slicer, point to midpoint between X(Delta tower) and Y(Delta tower)

  • administrators

    The X tower should be on the left, the Y tower on the right, and the Z tower at the back.

    By default, the +X direction will be to the right, and +Y will be to the rear. This can be changed if necessary using the M665 ABC parameters. X0 Y0 will be the centre of the bed.

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