"G-Code buffer 'file' length overflow" mid print

  • Hi!
    I'm having an issue with a duet 2 Wifi and I believe firmware version 2.0.
    In the middle of a print it stops and displays the error message in the title. A few minutes later it continues printing however extremely poorly. I dont know what the problem could be. Unfortunately I (who assembled the machine) am in a different place so I have to get the info via text from a friend who uses it in his business. The test pieces that I printed (smaller stuff) all went ok but I know that the guy using the printer uploads very large gcode files. I dont know if that has anything to do with it but it might. We also thought that the sd card might have a problem but honestly we are just guessing.

    The printer is a corexy Hypercube Evolution.

    Thanks in advance.

    ps. sorry about the crappy english. It's not my first language.

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    More information is always helpful.

    Can you get an exact error message?
    What firmware version exactly?
    Can you provide a sample gcode file that causes the error?
    Can you get a M122 diagnostic report?

  • Unfortunately not. If I had access to the printer I could provide more info but I don't and my friend isn't really capable of debugging.
    We suspected that the sd card might be acting up (it isn't the one duet sends).
    The firmware is 2.0.0 if I remember correctly.
    The gcode is generated in PrusaSlicer and the problem occurs mid print. So gcode should be fine. I printed a million calibration cubes when I was there just fine.

    We will try this and see if it helps: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Network_disconnections_after_uploading_large_files

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