Direct DLP support

  • I am investigating porting RepRapFirmware to the CBD 3D DLP boards. They run a stm32f407 MCU. These are the boards being used in 95% of the low cost DLP printers that have been popping up including the Anycubic Photon. The frustrating thing is these boards have a ton of features, but most of them are locked in the firmware which is closed source. It's things like these boards have a populated Ethernet port, but there is no way to configure it.

    Besides getting RRF running on the stm32, mapping the pins, and getting the kinematics working this is going to require interfacing with the FPGA to display an image on the print screen and controlling the UV LED array. My question which is mostly aimed at DC42 is has any thought been given to doing something like this previously? Is there a standard Gcode(s) I should use for this?

  • RRF has some support for nanoDLP, maybe you can use that as the basis for your work? See

  • Yep. I had already seen that. One of the reasons I figured RRF would be a really good fit. That and the well developed Ethernet support and web interface.

  • one eternity later ....

    @CthulhuLabs did you ever get around to do the STM port?

  • Also interested in this as the Bigtreetech GTR boards have the same processor. I've read whispers elsewhere of an STM port in progress but not seen anything yet.

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