Power supply requirements?

  • I've always just used old high rated power supplies I recycle through various projects and never think about it because they're all overkill for my purposes. Now I'm making a little project that would benefit from a small power supply/wall wart instead of a full sized free standing aluminum monster. The project has no heated bed or hotend, the extent of its demands are basically 5 nema 17s and the duet board and screen itself. What's the minimum amperage/wattage I could get away with comfortably here?

    Would 24v 6A handle it?

  • Yes and no, I appreciate the link! the old noname steppers are many years past the point of having the info to look up their specs and that phasey square root mumbo jumbo will need some 'splainin to be of use to me. Anyone have a ballpark guesstimate of a typical nema 17?

  • the steppers motors are of no concern. the drivers on the board supply the power.

  • @clearlynotstef said in Power supply requirements?:

    Anyone have a ballpark guesstimate of a typical nema 17?

    Given the nema spec only defines the physical mounting face there really isn't such a thing as a typical nema 17 stepper.

    But if you measure the resistance or inductance of a coil, and measure the physical length of the motor, it could be possible to infer some ratings based on that.

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