Regulating heatbed by hotend thermistor

  • Hi,
    I have a question that will probably sound weird, but it has a reason: For quite some time now I've been happily using a diy CoreXY with Duet3D (old one, 0.6.something, but working wonderful as usual). The printer is enclosed on the four sides so it's not really a chamber, but does keep some warmth.

    Now I have a problem rather different from standard 3d printing stuff: When baking bread using my own sourdough, I often have to store the dough at some rather controlled and stable temperature, like e.g. 30° or at most 35°C. I could build a chamber for this using some old 3dprinter stuff lying around and putting it into some wooden box, but I just don't have much space for another box at home and would rather do this with my existing equipment.

    So I thought about whether it would be possible to use the hotend thermistor (with a turned off hotend of course) to check for the temperature in the upper part of my printing chamber, while regulating heat with the heatbed. Up to now I can only see how to regulate the heatbed by heatbed thermistor, the hotend by hotend thermistor. I do see this might be considered an unorthodox usage of a 3D printer, but it would definitely help me and my family with certain daily needs 🙂 My printer is big enough to store the bowl for the dough. Turning on the layer cooling fans on a slow rate (which wouldn't hurt the sourdough, as it's covered by cloth) would help to spread temperature evenly.

    Would this be possible to do? I do understand bakery is not exactly your prime concern with Duet3D, but you've made me very happy with Duet3D already, and here would be another great appliance!

    Thanks a lot

  • Thanks a lot! I read that (on configuring a chamber heater) and as far as I get it, I could configure a chamber heater with the heater number of my heatbed -- but wouldn't it then read the temperature from the heatbed thermistor as well?

    My hope was that (by g-code or patching firmware, without modifying my printer, which I still use for 3d printing of course) I could somehow use the heater output for my heatbed together with the temperature readings of my hotend (which, the printer being a CoreXY, is always somewhere at the top, where I'd actually want to measure my air temperature).

    I hope I got my idea across -- thanks again for your tips!

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    See the M305 X parameter for how to get a heater to use a different temperature sensor from normal.

  • Ah, great, I overlooked that X parameter, that seems to be exactly what I need. Thanks a lot!

  • That deserves some praise - the worlds first Duet controlled sourdough oven! 👍

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    @deckingman It's up there with the guy using the Duet to control his in floor heating.

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    @heinzdrei said in Regulating heatbed by hotend thermistor:

    bakery is not exactly your prime concern with Duet3D

    😆 maybe not but its great to see more applications!

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