Simplify3D/Duet3D ?

  • Hello...
    When I use Simplify3D on my newly prepared coreXY that runs under Duet3D, the result is not there ... Can not print small lettering or small details ... Yet if I use Cura on this printer and the same file I get very good results.

    Plus with another type printer
    commercial under Marlin (Simplify3D and my file) everything is perfect!

    Maybe SD3 is not ideal with Duet? I could use Cura. (I do not prefer) ... I've been used to Simplify3D for many years and I find Cura a little disorganized for me!

    What do you use as a slicer?

  • What results are you getting exactly?

  • Could you perhaps share a screenshot of the g-code preview for the same section showing the small details for both Cura and Simplify3D? (Or share the sliced g-code from both slicers)

    The Duet should just execute the g-code from either, and asuming the output is similar the results should be similar, so initial thought is slicer settings, but would probably be easier to narrow it down with some example output.

  • Difficult to take pictures ...

    The prints are small 25X9 mm. They are printed with black PLA and to complete all my camera is not very good!

    Sorry for the quality of the photos !

    I will do my best !


    1. Source file (Fusion 360).

    Capture d’écran 2019-09-15 à 11.33.23.png

    1. Printing under Simplify3D.
      The dimensions are respected, except for the lettering which is finer and seems crushed with gaps as on the last layer. And the letters are almost not legible


    1. Printing under Cura.
      The dimensions are respected, and even if it is not speaking on the photo, the lettering is well respected with a good depth.


    Both (photo 2 and 3) were printed on my CoreXY

  • appears the S3D version is extruding far less material. You could try raising your extrusion multiplier by .1 or more and see what happens.
    The filament diameter, temperature, retraction, etc are set correctly in S3D?
    What size nozzle?

  • @3DPMicro

    It's been a good two weeks since I juggled with the different parameters of SD3.

    I use a PLA of 1.75, the same as for the different tests (SD3 and Cura)

    The diameter of my nozzle is 0.4

    I tested under SD3:

    Extrusion multiplier:
    (0.80 to 1.10)

    Extrusion width:
    in automatic or manual (0.48 to 0.26)

    Distance from 7.00 to 2 mm
    The speed of 20 to 80 mm/s

    The temperature from 190 to 220 °c

    And despite all the parameters adjusted step by step ... nothing helps, I can not get any good results!

  • It would still be interesting to see the toolpath preview or the g-code files to see if the issue lies with the slicer or the duet.

  • @Rudy2A does it appear it's not responding to the changes you are making?
    Agree with bearer. The gcode program would be helpful to look at.
    I will say from experience that printing small things can be challenging. First layer can effect more of the part. Smaller tuning window in regard to settings too.
    If I was in your shoes I would print a single wall square to compare between the 2 with retractions at each layer (not vase mode). This may make the problem easier to understand

  • (3DPMicro porteur) Thank you for your involvement.

    Are you talking about this G-Code, the one that generates SD3?


  • I'm out for a bit but will look when I get home

  • @3DPMicro It's really cool of you! There is no urgency, I do not wish to abuse your time ... thank you again!

  • b29d9f21-b70b-469a-9937-aeb160f0481e-image.png

    Not sure if you can expect more detail from the slicer with a 0.4mm nozzle for that size, so that leaves underextrusion maybe? I'm sure there are others who are more knowledgeable about this though.

  • May I ask the obvious question? Hopefully without igniting a "which is best" war?

    @Rudy2A why bother print with a slicer that gives bad results? Perhaps use Cura and move away from Simplify3D?

    Again, NOT asking for S v C opinions... I'd ask the same question if the slicers were reversed.

  • @bearer Thank you for your search!

  • @Danal said in Simplify3D/Duet3D ?:

    Puis-je poser la question évidente? Espérons sans déclencher une guerre "qui est le meilleur"?

    I understand your thinking, I've already thought about changing the slicer ...

    I admit that I have a little trouble with Cura. I do not find it intuitive and I'm not comfortable with ... I've already tested and I'm lost in all its menus ...

    There is also the fact that I get very good results with SD3 on a commercial printer.

    The problem is only encountered on my CoreXY and I do not even talk about the license I bought for SD3 ... but that is obviously my personal opinion!

  • Good points by Danal and bearer. This is getting pretty small for a .4 nozzle. Why its different between S3d and Cura could be how they both are set to deal with single wall extrusions. You could tell both slicers it has a .3 nozzle and probably get better results from both.
    I would go back to my original suggestion about printing a single wall square or rectangle, like below, and tuning that. Then try your print again. i also would print something like this at 20-30 mm/s.
    setting manual extrusion to .4 in S3D would probably work well. You could also scale the file up 125% for .48 auto extrusion width
    My thought is that something is not set correctly in the settings and thats why you are getting poor results from S3D. If you tune the test file I attached then the result from both slicers should improve drastically.
    Your gcode file shows .38 extrusion width so its hard to tell without the .stl if .4 will work. I also havent noticed a need for coasting with PLA
    Hope the translation makes sense

  • @Rudy2A In the Ultimaker forum was a discussion and comparison printing thin walls with Cura and S3D. Both programs behaved differently, the S3D discussion (in german) was here:ärke-von-04mm-mit-simplify3d/ with the result to set thin walls options in S3D.

    I found that S3D has a specific page for thin details printing: which may help you. In your case the chapter internal thin features, the letter's outlines being seen as walls.

  • @Rudy2A said in Simplify3D/Duet3D ?:

    Difficult to take pictures ...

    The prints are small 25X9 mm. They are printed with black PLA and to complete all my camera is not very good!

    Sorry for the quality of the photos !

    I will do my best !

    Just FYI, to get a decent photo of small black items, place them on a black background, and use lots of light.

  • Hello,

    Following your last remarks and advice ... I took all my SD3 settings by referring to the different threads that you made me follow!

    After several hours of adjustments (the beach and the tan on Monday with my wife will wait 😎 ) I arrive at something very acceptable!

    However, now I have another problem when I print my file. I have to stop the printing from the beginning, because the filament does not seem to have the right diameter and not to hang on the plate ... It is necessary that relaunch the impression without changing anything of my parameters so that the printing is proceeding normally. I also have at the end of printing a drop and a net of PLA remaining hooked to the last position of the nozzle.

  • @tenaja said in Simplify3D/Duet3D ?:

    Juste pour votre information, pour obtenir une bonne photo de petits objets noirs, placez-les sur un fond noir et utilisez beaucoup de lumière.

    thanks for the advice 👍

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