Canceling motor assignments

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    I've been working with a modification to my printer which now has 3 Z lead screws each with it's own stepper motor.

    The initial motor assignment I did was M584 X0 Y1 Z2:3:4 E5 and that worked fine.

    But I've seen some folks post about "splitting" the three Z motor assignments into, say, A, B, C so they can control the motors separately.

    So I tried M584 X0 Y1 Z2:3:4 A2 B3 C4 E5 and that seemed to work. Three new sets of jog controls appeared in DWC for A, B & C.

    But when I tried to restore the initial motor assignment using just M584 X0 Y1 Z2:3:4 E5 the new assignments for A,B & C were still appearing in DWC and still working.

    So assuming what I am trying to do is not totally wrongheaded and I should be ashamed of myself, what can I do to cancel the temporary A,B & C assignments and make them no longer work or appear in DWC?



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    You usually split out the motors of an axis if you want to home them individually with an endstop for each motor; I'm not sure there's any other reason to do it. To be able to home each motor individually, you make the extra axes visible in a macro, using M584 P[number of axes you want visible], home the axes, then make them invisible again with a further M584 P[number of axes you want visible]. Normally in config.g you would have:
    M584 X0 Y1 Z2:3:4 A2 B3 C4 E5 P3
    to show only the X, Y and Z axes at startup, followed by the other motor settings (M350, M92, M566, M203, M201, M906) for all axes.

    In the macro you would show the extra axes with (I think):
    M584 P6
    and turn them off again after homing with:
    M584 P3

    See M584 for reference.

    Otherwise for 3 leadscrew bed levelling you should use


  • @droftarts Thanks - that all makes perfect sense.


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