anyone reduce wires to extruder by combing power/GND cables?

  • Like many, have a bundle of wires running to my extruder which combine into what looks like quite a lot of mass. From memory:

    40W heater: 2 wires +24v PWM / GND;
    Parts fan: 2 wires 24v PWM / GND;
    Cartridge thermistor: 2 wires +5v stimulus / sense;
    Hotend fan 2 wires: 24v PWM / GND;
    BLT touch: 3 wires - +5v / GND / sense;
    Endstop microswitch ?+5v / sense;

    (and 2 pairs of wires to a direct drive stepper motor!)

    Is there a way we can reduce this by:

    a) combining the GND connections of several elements into a single wire? (Depending if PWM is at the source or the drain....)

    b) is one of the thermistor cables +5v such that it could be shared with the BLT?

    Anyone done anything like this?

  • Excellent, thanks!


    +24v to Heater, Parts Fan and Hotend fan;
    GND to BLT and Endstop;

    total saving: 3 wires!

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