Unlevel x axes

  • Why did i lose my level again!! ...500mm duel Z
    This forum has been great asset to everyone especaily myself. The questions the tech suport people can't awnser are easily researched here. In the spirit of helping others. I would like to post this modification in the hopes of sparring anyone else just starting the same trouble.
    My printer losses just a little height everytime i power down. Its not an ajustment but an inherent design flaw for the large 500mm build platform.
    With x homed and all the power removed the weight cause the left side to drop this happens because of the distance between the two gantry uprights. When you power back up it homes and brings the left side aprox. where it was but also chainges the right side equally...... that said you are off plain and no more level. I had to manualy leval each print!
    The only cure i could think of was to tie mechanically Both x steppers together. I did this with a closed loop belt and some stepper pulleys at the verry top of the screws
    It took some time to figure this out and i hope posting of this mod will save someone a lot greef thats just starting out !!
    My choice to post this was prompted when i saw a new printer two days ago make its debut with the belt instaled at the top of the gantry
    Thank for all the support guys and. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Thats awsome did not know that. I believe my method would be absolute and prety simple for a beginner like myself. Learning g code is not a small task. I would recommend this as an alternative untill we become proficient in writing coding
    Mods are great to keep you printing while you learn
    It amazes me how much the duet can accually do.
    Cant wait to try this out 🙂
    This would require a driver expantion board thou correct??🤔

  • on a normal printer no expansion is required.

    1 x
    1 y
    2 z
    1 extruder.

    the duets has 5 drivers.

  • That's a problem that all dual motor Z axes have. An easy solution is the Prusa method- run the X axis up to the Z physical stops to force the motors/screws back into sync every time you start a print. A few lines of gcode in the custom gcode section in your slicer should do the trick.

    Or you can prevent the problem from ever happening by belting the screws together...

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