Sensorless Homing and Skipped Steps while printing

  • Is it possible to setup Sensorless homing ( R0 ) and have stall detection detect skipped steps while printing ( R3 )?

    I am guessing it is possible, but that I would have to add this at the beginning of each print.

    M915 X Y S3 R3 F0 H400

    but I don't necessarily see this working as the printer is printing with higher power....

    And then the below in the rehome.g file, just like in the homeall.g file....

    M913 Y50 X50 ; reduce motor current to 70% to prevent belts slipping
    M915 X Y S3 R0 F0 H400 ; X sensitivity to 5, do nothing when stall, unfiltered
    G1 Z5 F6000 S2 ; lift Z relative to current position
    G1 S1 Y-305 F4000 ; home Y axis
    G1 S1 X305 F4000
    G1 X275 Y5 F6000
    M913 Y100 X100 ; motor currents back to normal

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    Yes you'd have to tune and setup the detection parameters separately and then invoke them at the right times.

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    This would actually be a good time to use a set of macros that would contain the settings for each occasion, that way you only have to call the macros in the various locations and any tuning would be confined to 2 macros instead of every place they get invoked.

  • @Phaedrux

    This will be a future project.

    Curious to know if there is a straightforward list of features somewhere that can be implemented on the Duet2 with links to said documentation or Gcode? Maybe this is already listed but just in the forum and I missed it.

    Example short list:
    Stall Guard
    -Sensor Less Homing
    -Nozzle Filament Loading
    -Nozzle crash, and auto home/resume print
    Power Outage - Resume Print
    3 Z motors, auto bed leveling
    Resonating or Vibration Compensation (I just heard about this one and haven't had any luck finding info... and made me ask about this list) I heard about it being mentioned in a recent video
    Temp Runaway

    I can go on. Just curious on a possible list already out there.


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