Whats the gcode that allow negative movements?

  • hi,

    I can remember, and i cant find it in WiKi....


  • G1 Xnnn Ynnn Znnn H1 Sense endstops while moving (ignoring the axis limits). On Delta (only), axis letters refer to individual towers.

  • Hi,

    Perhaps you are thinking of M564?


  • ...........or simply G1 X-nnn Y-nnn Z-nnn to move in the negative direction. The title question is a bit ambiguous so we can only guess the answer.

  • Later try.... But think its M564... I have changed from volcano heatblock to standart... The printable ├írea has changed, and i want to adjust it


  • I think you want to change your axis limits in your config.g file...that would be the M208 line.

    This is what I have for my BLV CoreXY printer

    ; Axis Limits
    M208 X-2.5:340 Y-0:328 Z450 ; X carriage moves from -2.5 to 340, Y bed goes from 0 to 328

    Basically when my carriage hits the x endstop the nozzle is -2.5mm left of my bed and the max movement I want to the right is 340mm... my y homes at the max which is 3mm past the back of my bed which which is 340mm wide x 325mm deep..

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