Ender 3 Layer Shift on Duet Maestro

  • I have an Ender 3 w/ Duet Maestro that is producing these layer shifts on every other print. I checked all the belts and there doesn't seem to be any snags on wiring. The xyz cube is the print just before the benchy so it isn't happening every print.


    Troubleshooting so far

    1. Checked/tightened belts
    2. Checked/tightened concentric nuts
    3. Checked wiring for snags
    4. Checked spool for snags


  • Moderator

    Can't see anything obvious in your config.g, though perhaps motor currents are quite low at 800mA, but I'm not sure what motors you are running. Perhaps try 1000mA.
    Looks like a shift in both X and Y at the same point; is it? Or just one axis?
    Check that the pulleys on the motors are tight, too.


  • The usual cause of layer shifts like that are mechanical. A common culprit is a small blob on the print that causes the nozzle to catch on it and either the belts jump or more likely the glass shifts under those spring clips.

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