• I have recently installed Duet 2 wifi on my CR-10S. I got everything working well but 1 thing i dont understand. Since im using BLtouch. I have to set Auto Bed Compensation.

    I know the format comes as Min X - Max X ,
    Min Y- Max Y , Grid Spacing. Can anyone tell me how to calculate this according to your bed size? I tried X 10:290 Y 10:290 S56 ((280÷5) since i want it to probe 5x5 Grid. But everytime i do G29. It always skip few grid points saying my probe cant reach it. Can someone tell me how to calculate it? Or share their auto bed compensation setting?

  • You need to set your BL Touch offset from the nozzle so the duet knows when its trying to probe outside the bed.
    Use this site to generate a bed file.

  • @jay_s_uk i did set my XY offsets from nozzle.
    Thanks alot for the site. But since english is not my first language im having trouble understanding Halfway point, calibration factors, Probing radius(im not using Delta type) ?

  • sorry, didn't realise that site only did delta's.
    You'll have to use the reprap config site to set up the bed file then.

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