Original Hypercube. Flawed?

  • Hi all,

    What's the general opinion on the original Hypercube? It's not what I would build by choice, but may have found a cheap bundle of parts for one.

    Comparison to the P3Steels/prusa/other ned slingers?



  • the parts of the original hypercube are close to the blv cube. which is in my opinion the better one.

    i prefer the corexy mechanic to Cartesian, because you have no moving bed.
    what makes the biggest difference in my opinion are rails.

  • The bed slingers always made nervous. For a small (<150mm) square bed I guess it's OK but I don't see how at reasonable speeds the printer just doesn't fly off the table with all that mass to shove around. They're also hard to enclose if you need to. 🙂 Personally, I like the cubes.

  • CoreXY is interesting and I've built a modified version of Hypercube Evolution. I'm curious if a Delta would've been the better choice due to less axes. The rod design is just meh. Get the rails and perhaps just switch to a Delta to spare yourself redundant bed-related problems. I haven't owned a Delta, but other types must be a pain with increasing size and so "many" moving interconnected parts in comparison.

  • @Edgars-Batna

    At one point I owned three mini-deltas.

    I found they were rather difficult to get the same level of performance as my FT-5 & DBOT provided.

    They did work and I was able to print decent parts on the deltas but the parts from the FT-5 & DBOT were a better.

    I like the elegance of deltas but did not achieve the speed advantages that they are supposed to offer.

    Other folks love them.


  • @fcwilt said in Original Hypercube. Flawed?:

    I like the elegance of deltas but did not achieve the speed advantages that they are supposed to offer.

    Very hard to get speed with mini deltas. Big deltas excel at this. In fact almost all high-speed industrial pick/place (where the engineers could pick any kinematic they wish, to achieve speed) are delta.

    Also, I wouldn't recommend a delta with anything that has to be attached/detached to probe Z. Smareffector is best, retracting probes or IR or Inductance are OK-ish. The point being: One of the keys to enjoyable delta printing is to run a simple calibration within the start gcode of every job.

    Example of fast industrial Delta pick/place. Picking batteries from a semi-random belt location (via IR vision) and placing in a retail package tray. Not speeded up.

    alt text

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