goduetapiclient - Port of DuetAPICient to Go

  • First Release of goduetapiclient

    As some of you may be aware I am a huge fan of Go as a programming language. Now it took me a whole lot longer (to start with) to actually port the client from C#.NET to Go but now a first implementation is ready. It is not yet finished but since I wanted to get out my ObjectSkipper I will make this available already.

    It can be found at https://github.com/wilriker/goduetapiclient.


    • CommandConnection
    • InterceptConnection
    • SubscribeConnection

    Not working

    • The Machine Model is simply a map[string]interface{} instead of a real object. Implemented now.
    • No documentation of the source yet


    Since Go does work a bit different compared to C#.NET some things are not 100% identical, i.e. there is no implicit type conversion available in Go so there are As<Type>() conversion functions.


    I am always very happy about any kind of contribution, be it comments, suggestions, Pull Requests or whatsoever here or over at GitHub.

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