Both z-max *and* z-min?

  • Hi!

    I have a relatively custom 3d printer (a gutted zyyx+). On this printer, if the z motor is unpowered, it will glide down to what is z-max (the gantry is on the top). So I put a z-max endstop there. Is there any way to use both a probe for z-min, and z-max on, say, E0 endstop, so that it never ever tries to tear itself apart reaching beyond z-max on start of homing? 🙂

  • short answer. its was not intended to support this.

    long answer. on specific movement you could reconfigure the endstop configuration before the move and restore the config after the move.

    other solution. keep the endstop at z min. add a small upwards movement that checks for the endstop that cancels the downwards movement that is a problem for you.
    or just remove the z movements for the homex and homey scripts.

  • Hi,

    You can have a endstop switch for homing Z and a Z-probe for probing without any problems.

    On my printer Z homes to min but you can use max.

    If you are up for changing the parts on your printer you can try my approach. The printer was first built using lead screws with 8mm lead (2mm pitch 4 start). I changed them out for unit with 2mm lead (2mm pitch 1 start).

    Now the bed does not drop when power is removed. I'm imagine it moves a bit but it is not noticable.


  • @Veti That's.. not a bad idea actually. But is it possible to move which endstop connector does what in the config files? Because I would still need to switch out that, I am guessing?

  • easiest for that would be to wire both endstops to the same pin so that both max and min endstop trigger it.

  • @Veti Mmm, yes, but that would mean that the bltouch probe I am using would have to sink the current from the mechanical switch I am using as an endstop. I am not sure what to do with that or even if it's an issue.

  • no the bltouch is connected to the z probe port, while the endstops would be connected to the z stop port.

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