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  • Re: How to connect directly to Duet Ethernet with Ethernet Cable?

    Hello and thanks to everyone in advance

    I have a duet ethernet board and a workbee cnc machine

    Is there anyway i could get step by step on how to connect using just an ethernet cable and accessing the interface so i can position the machine and send work across

    I don't have an internet connection in my workshop where my CNC machine is, except for my phone which i could use as a hotspot

    Ideally id just like to connect with the ethernet to the cnc

    If anyone could provide simplified step by step it would be appreciated


  • its unclear what exactly you want to do.

    do you have a pc in your workshop that you want to directly connect with an ethernet cable?

    do you want to route this over your hotspot(not recommended)

    do you want to use your phone to control the duet?

    how far away from your home is the workshop. you might be able to build a directional antenna( and use a cheap ap

  • Sorry i did confuse things

    Since i don't have an internet connection in my workshop which is apart from my home at a different location and there my only source of internet is my phone as a hotspot

    I'm thinking I'd like to just connect my laptop to the machine via ethernet cable and operate the CNC machine this way, offline

    How would i go about doing this?

    From what i understand the duet has a web interface, how would the interface load without access to the net?

    Thanks in advance

  • Set the up address of the duet to something like
    Set the up address of your computers Ethernet connection to with the duets ip address as the gateway ip address.

    Then you can browse to using your browser.

    M552 sets the IP address. You modify/add this to the config.g

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    Alternatively, if you have an old router left over from when you last changed your Internet ISP, connect both the laptop and the Duet to that. It doesn't have to be connected to the Internet. Or buy a nano router such as one of the TPLink WR series.

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