Transfer led status LED to front panel

  • Hello

    have you or think about to transfer status LED's to front panel also LED for heating up tool's and bed and other important LED.

    Because i have Duet 2 wifi with duex on back side of my printer which be turned to wall.
    i was thinking about optical wire just as uses BLV mgn cube


  • Unless you are really good with SMD soldering, connecting signals from the LED's themselves would be hard.
    But a lot of these signals (vin/5v/3v3/heaters) are easily accessible with led's wired to their circuits at the mainboard connectors themselves, power connectors, heater outputs, etc. (don't forget the current limit resistors for them).
    For the status (wifi, etc) LED's it's harder, though maybe the lines are accessible in easy to solder locations.

    To be honest, especially if you are not into very fine electrical work, then your suggestion with fibre optics from (eg) clips over the led's themselves sounds pretty good. Lots of flexibility in how you lay them out on the front and quite fun/special too.

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