Adaptive head positioning

  • Hi there,
    I have a setup made of 3 nozzles (3 materials) running on one driver.

    I have configured the tools offset with the configuration file - X and Y , Z is the same for all 3.
    I've got a simple "calibration" file which I run to make sure that the offsets are correct.
    The process is a bit slow and repetitive because small adjustments are needed.

    My thoughts are, is there a creative way to have/make an "Adaptive Head Positioning" - basically an option of changing each tools' offset while printing the g-code calibration file. One can't change the config file automatically but I thought maybe the head positioning numbers will change (somehow) and I can put those new numbers in the config file.

    Or of course, If there's another suggestion for good and fast way to calibrate the 3 nozzles.

    I am printing paste-like material with layer heights of 1mm, so this is a low-res printing that doesn't need a high-precision offset and can deal with high tolerances of the XYZ. having said that, some basic calibration is needed.


  • You can do the offsets in your calibration program by using G10 offsets.


  • I already have G10s' in the config file.
    I'm using interchangeable tools which require calibration each time.

    I was inquiring if there's a (creative) way that I'm not familiar with to change the tools offset while running a gcode file.

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