Using an analogue pin to identify a tool

  • Would it be possible to use an analogue input pin on the duet 3 to read a voltage?
    What I was thinking of doing was fitting each tool on a tool changing printer with a resistor of a known value. The voltage could then be read on start up to identify if there is a tool fitted and if so, which tool it is.
    What are people's thoughts about this?

  • that should be easy to do once conditional g code is there.

  • @jay_s_uk This is a good idea, but I would enhance it to digital information to read not only one information. If one stores multiple information, this could include hotend properties, filament property and extruder information also. The best fitting one for the given object to be printed could be choosen by the firmware.

    An open question is that the slicer must know in advance which tools shall be used and must be available (e.g. possible wall thickness depends on nozzle diameter). This could be solved of course, the printer does not start printing if the tool is not offered.

    In a printer farm, if there is a movable tool exchange system (like a train shift station), a printer could request a specific tool.

  • @Veti will look forward to the conditional gcode

    @JoergS5 I'm thinking for more along the lines of identifying which tool is present if the machine is switched off and the tool has not been placed back or if an emergency reset occurs.
    I did think about adding more information but I was thinking of something simple for now.

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