Wiring electromagnets and fans

  • Hi all,
    I am wondering if electromagnets can be handled like fans in generall and if it is safe to connect an 24V 3,6W electromagnet directly to a fan output. Also I would like to know if there is any risk to wire two fans in parallel to the same output.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Coil electromagnet: This depends entirely on the electrical characteristics of the electromagnet. Maybe 24V 3.6W means 0.15A in steady state (150mA). This is probably OK on a fan output. BUT... those numbers are "steady state"

    I would consider a simple diode to block back-emf from the collapsing magnetic field when the coil goes off...

    Two fans in parallel will work if:

    1. Both fans are the same voltage rating and it matches the fan output.

    2. The two fans current rating, summed, does not exceed the current rating of the fan output

    3. You do NOT PWM them. Run them at 0, or 255. Having said that, PWM might work, or it might act really weird with two in parallel.

  • Thanks for your fast reply 🙂
    Doesn't the Duet Wifi have a fly-back diode to prevent damage caused by back-emf?
    Do the 1.5A max current in the wiring diagram apply to each output or to all of them together?
    What would be the problem with PWM?

  • PWM might work. It won't hurt anything to try. The main problem will be the fans interacting with each other. All motors are generators as well, and during the PWM "off" moments, one fan might drive the other,etc.

    I don't know about the flyback for sure, you can check the schematic.

    I'm about 90% certain the 1.5 is per output.

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