Dynamic gcodes

  • is there any guidance on what gcodes operate dynamically during a print, you can obviously change the baby steps, increase print speed etc, but I'm trying to get my XY jerk settings optimised and if I send a change during a print then it doesn't seem to have any effect.

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    Almost all gcodes can be sent during a print, with the following restrictions:

    1. Changes to acceleration, maximum speed, pressure advance, jerk etc. may take up to 30 moves to take effect, although usually they happen within 2 seconds + 1 move. If the printer is printing long straight lines at the time (e.g. rectilinear infill of a large part), this may take some time.

    2. Changing microstepping requires re-homing afterwards, so you can't do it during a print (on a delta printer you could probably pause the print, home, and then resume but I haven't tried it).

    3. Changing network settings requires the network interface to be stopped and restarted.

    HTH David

  • Ok, thanks, appreciate all the help.

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