Two machines from single 2 wifi + exspansion board, possible?

  • Hello,

    I was wondering, would it be possible to control two separate cartesian printers from single duet 2 wifi + duex5 exspansion board? Machines have 2 x Z motor, single X and Y motor and extruder motor, so in total 10 motors. Independant or at least as a copy, so four Z (I could turn this to 2 x Z motor if needed by linking the screws via belt), 2X, 2Y and 2 x extruder, each on a separate frame? If not possible independant, then second machine could maybe copy what first is printing? Hotbeds mains powered.

  • Ok, I was assuming that might be an issue processing wise. But how about a second frame / setup / machine just as a copy of the first?

  • you mean two machines printing the same thing at the same time?

    it might be possible, but it will be a lot of headache. why not just get a second duet instead of an expansion board?

  • Yes, the more I think about it, I see it might be too much of a hassle. I have 2 wifi and expansion board already from never realised project of a big printer I have no time to build, so I just bought two kit frames that seemed like too good to pass, but smaller in print area, so was thinking as I already have an option for that much motors, why not to try and run them both side by side, It it would have its merits, single power supply, single board, single centralised control... And half the print time. 🙂

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