G28 only Homes Z axis

  • I installed a duet wifi on my primary printer, which freed up a logic board for me to bring an old printer back to life. I've got all of the wiring done and am now onto the firmware+ portion of the project... and have run into a snag, to which I am out of ideas for.

    G28 only homes the z axis, doesn't even try for x and y. It is set to do x, y, then z per my firmware config. None of the endstops are tripped, and I have verified proper functionality with M119 to ensure they're High and Low as expected. It's almost like both the x and y axis are triggered by default, but they both come back with low on an M119... any thoughts as to what might be the issue here?

    Cartesian (DaVinci 1.0)
    Repetier 1.0.3
    Azteeg x3 pro board

  • @PixelGl1tch check out your homeall, homex, homey, and homez files on the system page of DWC (or the same one as config.g). Share the homeall file here if you can't see any issue.

  • @PixelGl1tch ...to simplify things I normally just call the homex, homey, and homez files from within the homeall file. Yes you can save a little time in the homeall with other techniques, but few machines can warm the bed faster than you can homeall anyway, so it's boardering on irrelevance anyway. That is especially so if it for example saves you the hastle (and scope for error) of adjusting the homing routines in both the individual and complete routines.

  • Even if I call Homex or Homey, they do not move... at all. Homez on the other hand, will home just fine.

  • Ok. Power down the machine and slowly move the X and Y axis to the middle of travel. Double check the wiring to ensure the motor is wored correctly.

    Power up machine and send the following gcode line over the DWC window.

    G92 X50 Y50

    (assuing that 50, 50 is within the limits of your machine.)

    Then try nudging the axis 1mm or so in each direction to make sure the axis moves correctly.

    If that works fine then check the endstop status via DWC and it will report whether it thinks the limits are triggered or not. Run the test once with the limits not triggered abd a second time with them triggered to ensure the active high/low is set right.

    I'll dind the gcode command for endstop status after breakfast if you have not already found it.

    Edit: see you uave checked limits via DWC!

  • Please post the current, acceleration, microstepping, steps per mm, endstop, and limits sections of your config and the homex and homey.

  • @DocTrucker Appreciate the replies, but THIS board is not a duet. Also already checked endstop status and verified correct functionality with M119. Regardless, I can jog x and y in one direction only and back to "home" (being where they started when the machine powered up) and all endstops still remain un-triggered (low), whether manual or done VIA console.

  • @PixelGl1tch missed it not being a Duet, normally a safe assumption on this forum! My last contribution then! My RAMPS board has min and max limit switches. Two switches per axis. Duet normally runs with one. If the RAMPS board doesn't have one of the limits on and they are set as normally closed in the firmware then the controller may refuse to drive in that direction. In this case I would be tempted to plug in a loop across the spare switch terminal.

    You may be able to get more support on the reprap forum.

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    @PixelGl1tch said in G28 only Homes Z axis:

    Cartesian (DaVinci 1.0)
    Repetier 1.0.3
    Azteeg x3 pro board

    I don't think many people visiting these forums are knowledgeable about Repetier firmware, so I suggest you try another forum. Maybe https://forum.repetier.com/categories/repetier-firmware or https://reprap.org/forum/list.php?146.

  • @dc42 @DocTrucker Thanks guys, I appreciate the insights provided. I will move this to a more relevant forum if I can't get it figured out.

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