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  • I am trying to create one script to enable and heat up my bed and hotend, but having trouble understanding the best way to do it.
    I used to have a few scripts, and while looking into each Gcode command it seems at least one has been deprecated, and possibly why I am having trouble.

    How do I choose to enable Standby or Active for each, the hotend and bed. It seems I was able to control this for the Hotend at one point, but when I figured out how to make it Active, I do not know what I did to make it standby. It may have worked when I used the deprecated command (M104)... I have only been able to get the bed to work in Active mode, and not Standby.

    M140 R60 S75 		;Bed Temp
    T0		        ;Enable Hotend - Active.
    G10 P0 R200 S245	;Hotend Temp
    M116 			;Wait for heater teamps
    G0 X125 Y0 Z25 F6000

    What is the difference between Standby and Active? Only the Temp setting differences? Do they have a use case? Possibly only when having multiple extruders?


  • @BlueDust said in Questions on Startup Script:

    only when having multiple extruders


  • And G10 is a good CONFIGURATION command for setting Hot end Active and Standby temps, so that they will happen automatically as you switch tools. As you said, ONLY useful on a Multi-Extruder printer.

    To simply set the current tool, and/or wait on it, use M104 (to set, no wait) M109 (to set and wait). Also, for the bed, consider M190 to wait. This helps prevent cooking the hotend with a bed that takes a while. The temp section of my typical G-Code job startup:

    M190 S60
    M104 S210
    M109 S210

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