Analog Input, sensing voltage level

  • Can I use some pin as input to sense a voltage level and use them to make a decision upon the voltage level?
    I build a tool change 3d printer (modified version of jubilee) and I would like to make sure that an tool change was successfully. The Idea is that run some wire to some of the connection points and trough the tool. Each tool has a different resistor so I could measure the voltage level which allow me to sense the tool loaded and if the tool-change was successfully (no tool, no electricity flow). I read the documentation but I am not sure if I can use M42 to accomplish this or even if it's possible to do it with a temperature pin.

    I am using a duet2 wifi with duex5 it ran with 24V.
    It would really cool if someone could guide me in the right direction, how the wire it and what I have to do with the configuration.

  • maybe follow the thread

    currently only digital high/low is supported through trigger and M582

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