DuetWiFi RRF 3 + filament magnetic sensor + water flow sensor

  • Hi! I am planning some upgrade: install Duet magnetic sensor and water flow pulse sensor (for water cooling). Water flow sensor link

    I read documentation and understood that water flow sensor can be used as pulse by M591.

    Questions: is it possible to fit both sensors on duet board ? Also, i have emergency stop button occupying e1 pins.


  • @dc42 please advise

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    M591 is intended for measuring the amount of filament drawn by the extruder drive, so that RRF can correlate it with the commanded extrusion. So I don't see how you could use it with a flow sensor. Also, each extruder drive can only have one filament monitor.

    The flow sensor link you provided requires a login, so I can't see the details. But if it provides 5V output pulses then you could use a Greinacher voltage doubler (two Schottky diodes and two capacitors) to generate a steady signal of about 3.5V as long as pulses are occurring. That could be fed to an input to activate a trigger using M581.

  • @dc42 said in DuetWiFi RRF 3 + filament magnetic sensor + water flow sensor:

    ou provided requires a login, so

    thank you!

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