PanelDue White Screen when Connected to DuetWiFi

  • Hello!

    I just got a PanelDue 7i, Duet WiFi and DueX 7 for my recent 3d printer project but all the paneldue displays when connected by ribbon cable to the Duet wifi is a blank, white screen. Nothing beeps or happens when I touch the screen. When I plugged it in to my laptop with a USB cable the display worked fine. I was able to cycle through the menus and look at the version number.

    I flashed it with the newest version and tried again with the same result: a blank white screen.

    Is there something that I'm missing in the setup of it?

    Thank you for any help

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    Can you try connecting the PanelDue via the 4-wire cable?

    How long is the ribbon cable? did it come with the display?

  • @Phaedrux the ribbon cable is the one that came with the display. I'll try connecting it via the 4 pin when I can find one.

  • That sounds like marginal power or reversed pairs.

    I know you said it is the cable that came with... I'm just pointing out that a new 4-wire will probably fix it. You may even want to (carefully not short pins!) lash something up and try it.

  • What port did you plug it into on the Duet?

  • If it works fine when plugged in USB but white when plugged in the Duet board odds are the problem is wiring or power supply related. The panel will show it's interface and say connecting even if the panel is not able to communicate with the Duet.

    Edit: could you pressing the reset button after powering up, if that works then you have too long, too thin, or poorly terminated wires causing a brown out at start up.

  • @elmoret CONN-LCD.

    Looking back at the wiring diagram I realize that it should be plugged in to CONN-SD and that might be my problem.

  • Correct.

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