Help needed with e-stop switch config for Duet3 Upgrade.

  • Previously I was using a Duet2 Wifi/Duex5 combo, with an E-stop switch that would cut power to the PSU, while maintaining 5v power to the duet; part of the e-stop switch is N.O. switch in addition to the SPDT portion that controls turning off the power to the PSU. Previously I had some issues with the noise on the wiring, so the solution was to use a resistor between the 3.3v pin and the endstop pin. That worked fine.

    I'm now upgrading to a Duet3, and the switch is wired similarly with the resistor between the 3.3v pin and the pin, and the other wire connected to the GND pin on the io5 connector.

    The issues I'm having are as follows:

    The physical cutout works as it should, cutting power to the Vin, and the 5v external power keeps the Duet3 running. This is identical to how it was wired/operating with the duet2 Not an issue, but outlining the function expected and the result after the upgraded board.

    1. Issue - the endstop will not show as being triggered. The x, y, and z optical switches work as they did on the duet2, so I know even when only running on the 5v external power, things are actively showing on the console as triggering.
    2. Issue - I get a underpower 12v event warning - I can see this as a response to the fact power was cut to the Vin, and not an actual issue with power, though I never got this message with the Duet2.
    3. Issue - Once I release the e-stop switch, and power is returned, The temperature readings all max out at 2000c, and won't change until I do a power cycle or soft reset. Once that happens, then the readings return to normal.

    Config.g file.

    progress update 01.08.2020.TXT

  • [UPDATE]

    ok, so it seems the switch IS working, but there's no evidence of the switch being closed, other than the message "Emergency Stop! Reset the controller to continue." This now shows up when I remove the resistor, and just rely on the and gnd on the connections. The remaining issues are:

    I'm looking at MACHINE-SPECIFIC" page of the DWC, and the ENDSTOPS index only show the x,y, and z endstops triggering. Am I missing something? Should I be calling out something beforehand to see the endstop? The Duet3 no longer has LED's to indicate endstop status.

    I also still get the "12v under-voltage event (9.4v) message when I trigger the e-stop switch. I made a N.O mechanical switch to test the activity (it also won't display on the index list that the switch has been closed), and I don't get the voltage warning (I also am not cutting power to the Vin when doing this), so I don't get the error. I'm chalking this up to the fact that the error is thrown when the Vin is cut, but the external power is still running the Duet3.

    When I trigger the mechanical switch, I still get the change in thermal sensor output all going to 2000c (including the MCU-temp) until a soft reset or physically turning off power.

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