Magnetic Filament sensor

  • Hello

    I want to include in my printer for each tool magnetic filament sensor.
    And i would like to know where i must put them close to hot end or not ?
    Because if i must put them close to hot end then i must change my tool completely.
    Or if i put them about 1m before hotend is that good?
    i will use Nimble Zesty extruder for each tool.


  • administrators

    The filament monitor should be placed immediately before or after the extruder drive mechanism. 1m before won't work well because the elasticity of the filament in the tube will lead to poor correlation between extruder movement and filament monitor movement.

  • @dc42 OK then are must be mounted to any flat surface or not can i hang thwn on the apricorn tube?

  • administrators

    You can hang them on the tube if the tube between the filament monitor and the inlet to the extruder is very short, so that the tube hardly bends at all when the direction changes between extrusion and retraction.

  • Hello @dc42

    so after that must be near i came up with somethnig like that

    and then i can mounted with some bracket to nimble or anything else more rigid

    or i put sensor more away and will be less bending?

  • @dc42 Were are led diode that show status ? On magnetic sensor pcb or duet?
    and can i run 4 sensor at once on each tool one ? or will be this to much for my main board ?

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